Notice of AGM 2021


Notice is hereby given that the 49th Annual General Meeting of Fire Service Credit Union Limited will be held on Thursday 18 November 2021 at 5.30pm at South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service Headquarters, 99 Wakefield Street, Adelaide, SA.


Ordinary Business

1. Minutes:

To confirm the Minutes of the 48th Annual General Meeting.

2. Financial reports:

To receive and consider the Credit Union’s Financial Report, Directors’ Report, and Auditor’s Report for the financial year ended 30 June 2018.

3. Remuneration of Directors:

To determine the remuneration of Directors, the following resolution will be put:

Total amount of remuneration of all directors to be $40,000 as a combined total.

4. Election of Directors

To elect Directors in accordance with the Credit Union’s Constitution.  As the Constitution does not stipulate a maximum number of Directors, an election by postal ballot will not be necessary and the general meeting will vote on the appointment of each candidate as a Director by a separate resolution at the meeting.   The following resolutions will therefore be put:

4.1 ‘That Noel Johnson be appointed as a Director of Fire Service Credit Union Ltd for a period of three (3) years.’

4.2 ‘That Elizabeth Lew be appointed as a Director of Fire Service Credit Union Ltd for a period of three (3) years.’

4.3 ‘That Gregory Northcott be appointed as a Director of Fire Service Credit Union Ltd for a period of three (3) years.’


A member who is entitled to attend the Annual General Meeting and vote is entitled to appoint a proxy.  A proxy need not be a member.  A member who is entitled to cast 2 or more votes may appoint 2 proxies and may specify the proportion or number of votes each proxy is appointed to exercise.  To be effective the appointment of a proxy must be received by the Credit Union at least 48 hours prior to the meeting either at its registered office at 22 Chancery Lane Adelaide SA 5000 or via fax on 08 8227 2422. A Proxy Form can be obtained by contacting the Credit Union.

Nomination of Directors                                                   

In accordance with the rules of Fire Service Credit Union Ltd directors are to be elected and announced at the 2021 Annual General Meeting.

Retiring Directors: Noel Johnson, Elizabeth Lew and Gregory Northcott retire by rotation and offer themselves for re-election.

Appointed Directors: No Directors were appointed by the Board during the previous year requiring election.

Nominations received: As at the date of this notice, no further nominations for the position of Director have been received by the Credit Union.

Call for Nominations

Members wishing to be nominated for the positionof a Director should obtain a nomination form from the Secretary Mrs. T Ireland at Fire Service Credit Union, 22 Chancery Lane, Adelaide, telephone 08 8227 2222.

Nomination Details

A candidate must be nominated by two members.  Nominees are requested to support their nomination with a brief statement of not more than 250 words.  Should an election be required these statements will be mailed with ballot papers to all members eligible to vote.


The rules state that a person shall not be a Director of the Credit Union if that person:

  • Is not a Fire Service Credit Union Ltd member
  • Has not attained 18 years of age
  • Does not meet the requirements of the Fire Service Credit Union Policy on Fitness and Propriety of Directors
  • Is a bankrupt or insolvent debtor
  • Is prohibited from being a Director by the Corporations Act, or
  • Has been convicted of certain offences in the last 10 years

Nominations close Thursday 16 October 2021 and must be in the hands of the Secretary by 4.30pm.

Dated 21/9/2021

By Order of the Board

Mrs T Ireland, Company Secretary