PayWave Limit

PayWave limit increased

To help reduce contact with surfaces when using your Fire Service Credit Union Visa Debit card, we have made a change.

The payWave limit has been increased!

Recently, an industry-wide decision was made to increase payWave limits for Visa cards from $100 to $200 before a PIN is needed to complete the transaction.

This is a temporary change and will be reviewed at the end of a 3 month trial period, under advice from the Federal Government.

Please note that EFTPOS transactions have not been altered as part of these changes and you may be prompted to enter your PIN for transactions that are above $100. This includes stores that have implemented Least Cost Routing (where transactions are processed through the EFTPOS network). This is a store decision and not something that Fire Service Credit Union can change.

If you have any questions please get in touch with us on email at, Secure Mail in Internet Banking or by phoning us on 08 8227 2222.