How to keep yourself safe from SMS scams

SMS scams or ‘smishing’ scams, use similar tactics to email scams.

Scammers call or text people and claim to be from well-known businesses or government to steal people’s personal information. Often they are pretending to be from
companies such as Amazon or eBay and claiming large purchases have been made on the victim’s credit card. When they pretend to help you process a refund, they
actually gain remote access to your computer and steal your personal and banking details.

The new Flubot malware scams will masquerade as fake voicemail or parcel delivery text message.

Signs of SMS scams

  • Asks for private information such as passwords
  • Encourages you to act fast
  • Ask you to open a link or respond to a text message
  • Includes no contact details
  • Won’t contain any specific greeting
  • Tells you an amount has been withdrawn from your account

How to protect yourself

  • Never give out your account details over the phone
  • Never give out Mobile or Internet Banking details
  • Keep your phones system up to date


Remember – We will never send you an SMS asking for your account details or your log in details for the Mobile or Internet Banking.
If you think you have been a victim of a scam you should contact us immediately on 08 8227 2222.